Seam Line Project

Inspired by my experience through the architecture of Carlo Scarpa, I found the detail of connecting lines like a flow of the spirit of space, which build up the space atmosphere and its character. I wonder if these shape and lines could be expressed and explain the material’s spirit. In compare to the Five Element theory which analyzes a man’s spiritual world in five elements, I defined the material’s spirit also by these five elements.

A series of clothes are focused on their spirit through the expression of connecting seam lines.

The Yellow, quite saturated and almost shines, means things in small size but with strong power like the quality of metal, a steadily spouted forth. It was translated into the button holes, zipper lines, loud spoken shape pockets.

The Green, means the energy of growing, like plants, an endless trend to expend. Those extending straight seam lines are colored in this element.

The Blue, directly related with the water, has the meaning of infiltrating silently and in organic shape, with a permanently felt power but without intruding uncomfortableness. This is expressed by those seam lines with wave like shape and the pattern into which they compose is soft and tender.

The Red, means fire in Five Element theory, easily told as irritated temper, anger and has a tendency to pierce as a spear. Those seam lines shape in sharp triangles and abrupt openings belong to this element .

The Brown, relates with the soil in the definition of Five Elements, has the character of reliability, the tolerance to embrace wide range of things, also the character of stubbornness. The seam lines are those with the beginning point meeting the end and have the balanced shape and the steady look, such as the cuff part and the waistband and the rigid shaped pocket.