Gu Qiong

• Born in 1986, in Su Zhou, China
• 2005-2009 Bachelor of Information Technology, Su Zhou University
• 2010-2011 Study in Industrial Department in Technology University Eindhoven
• 2012-2015 Study in Well-being Department in Design Academy Endhoven

After being graduated in a technological field, Qiong still feels the eager to chase for the freedom to express herself and went on to study design in Design Academy Eindhoven. She is keen on something smooth and natural with interesting character sparkling inside. She like to play with colors and feels material and in such a way to trigger a channel to express the world in her, her conscious and subconscious feelings. Stay True To Myself is her motif to all the circumstances she will come up with.
•2014.June-July Nacho Carbonell Studio